Membership Steps

Hernando Baptist Church Membership Steps

We CONNECT with other Christians by joining the local church.

Step One:

Repent of your sins, believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and confess Him as Lord.

Hernando Baptist Church is made up of persons who:
(1) Have professed a personal faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ;
(2) Have received baptism by immersion following salvation;
(3) Actively follow the Lord Jesus Christ in discipleship.

Step Two:

Attend a Discover HBC luncheon/class.

Learn more about Hernando Baptist Church ministries and opportunities. These classes are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Step Three:

Complete a CONNECT card expressing your desire for membership by baptism, transfer of letter, or statement of faith.

A person who publicly confesses personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and gives evidence of new life shall, upon baptism be admitted into the fellowship of the church.
Any person from another Southern Baptist Church may be received into membership upon receipt of letter of transfer.
Any person may join by statement if he or she has been a member of another denomination, has received Christ and was baptized by immersion following salvation.

Step Four:

Be confirmed for membership by a vote during a Church Family Meeting.

Church Family Meetings are held approximately four times throughout the year on a Sunday evening. Names of new members are presented for vote during the meeting.