Discipleship Groups

…teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:20a

Discipleship Groups seek to lead people along a path toward a deepening relationship with Jesus. Our hope is that  as you grow and abide in Christ, connecting in relationships with others, you will be equipped to better serve and share the Gospel. We desire to walk with Jesus daily in a Transformed Journey leading to personal application.

November 2nd – December 14th in the Gym
All Adult Discipleship 6:15-7:30pm

Church Reconciliation

Leader: David Williamson
Recommended Book Cost: $8
Church discipline is essential to building a healthy church. So how exactly do we
practice church discipline? Jonathan Leeman helps us face the endless variety of circumstances and sins for which no scriptural case study exists, sins that don’t show up on any list and need a biblical framework to be corrected appropriately in love.
Here is a contemporary and concise how-to guide that provides a theological framework for understanding and implementing disciplinary measures in the local church, along with several examples of real-life situations and the corresponding responses.

You can purchase a book on your own, or you can order one through the church with the link below.
Additional books have been ordered and will be available on Sunday, Nov. 6th.
Activities for kids, students, and choir rehearsal each week too.