Discipleship Groups

…teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:20a

Discipleship Groups seek to lead people along a path toward a deepening relationship with Jesus. Our hope is that  as you grow and abide in Christ, connecting in relationships with others, you will be equipped to better serve and share the Gospel. We desire to walk with Jesus daily in a Transformed Journey leading to personal application.
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The church today undoubtedly needs revival. Our world desperately needs a spiritual awakening. And God is awaiting a people who will cry out to Him. In this Bible study you will come face-to-face with the truth of Scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. By exploring the gracious nature of God and the wandering habits of the human heart, you will be called and challenged to return to Him. But returning personally is not enough. Through this transformative study, you will learn how God desires to use each believer as a catalyst for revival and spiritual awakening in your community and throughout the world.

Adult Discipleship Groups will continue each Wednesday through September 15th. Book cost is $10 per person. You have the option to pay in person or online here by selecting "discipleship group."

Rooms for Adults:
Jay Thomason C120 (FULL)
David Williamson C122 (FULL)
Jennifer Williamson C123 (FULL)
Michael Ann Dillinger C125
Katie McMinn C127
Ron Leonard C129
Bryan Marshall E216 (FULL)
Meeting in Room E224

Students desperately need revival - a fresh encounter with God that changes lives, behaviors, ethics, cultural norms, and even the structures of society itself. Many seem to be moving further and further from God and His standards. The darkness around us seems to be getting darker and darker. The problem is not with the darkness but with the lack of light. When light shines, it dispels the darkness. The spiritual need is urgent. Let's begin seeking God together for revival in the land.

Groups will meet each Wednesday through August 25th, culminating on September 1st. Book cost is $5 per person. You have the option to pay in person or online here by selecting "discipleship group."