Life Groups

Doing life together. 

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

At Hernando Baptist, we value godly relationships that are built on the principles of God’s Word. Each of our Life Groups strive to create an experience in which godly relationships can thrive and develop. Our hope is that by belonging to a Life Group you experience God’s love as Life Group members show God’s loving kindness toward you. We seek to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Each and every week, we study God’s Word in order to grow in our love for Him and others.


Hey, Life Group Leaders! Here's a quick message from Pastor Ron that will help you prepare to lead this week!

Life Groups

For Adults


Coed 18 -20s - Ron Leonard | E217

Coed 30 - 40s - Doug Boyles | Fellowship Hall

Coed 40s – Jamie Pourciaux | E216

Coed 50s – Mike Perkins | E210

Coed 50s+ – Hank Jackson | E211/213

Ladies 50s+ – Jan Jackson | C125

Coed 60s+  - Jim & Betty May | C212

Ladies 65+ - Maxine Craig | C123

Coed Open – Tommy Swindoll | Choir Room

Ladies Open – Karen Priebe | C120

Men Open - Bill Manning | E214


Coed 20 - 30s – Ben McMinn | E211/213

Coed 30 -40s – Paul Chrestman | E208

Coed 50s+ - Scott Griffith | C212

Coed 60s+ – Gary Black | C120

Coed 60s+ – Steadham/Weaver | C122

Ladies Open – Joyce Leonard | C127

Life Groups

For Students


6th & 7th Grade Boys - Chad Fowler & Ben Womble | E203

6th Grade Girls - Cherylon Teel & Abbey McCrary | E202

Middle School Boys - Jason Jordan & Jason Potts | E204

7th & 8th Grade Girls -  Lorrie Downen & Jeanine McNeer | E205

9th & 10th Grade Boys - Vince Malavasi & Shane Wigley| E207

9th & 10th Grade Girls - Laura Greenwell & Lauren Reynolds | E206

11th & 12th Grade - Allen & Tanya Musselwhite | E209


We encourage all of our families with middle and high school students to attend Life Groups during the 9:30am hour and worship together at 10:50am.

Life Groups

For Kids


1st Grade - Kenny & Karla Stockton | E111

2nd & 3rd Grade - Dan & Amanda Samples | E222

4th & 5th Grade - Dan & Amanda Samples | E220


1st Grade – Wanda Davis | E113

2nd & 3rd Grade – Heather Palmertree | E223

4th & 5th Grade – Blair Hill & Beverly Cain | E222

Life Group

For Preschool


Bed Babies – McCammon/Stewart/Young | Room E101

16-24 Months – Stacey Pirtle | Room E102

2 Year Olds – Bob & Barby Reaves | Room E106

3 Year Olds – Clay & Kristen White | Room E107

4 Year Olds – Jeremy & Misty Sartain | Room E108

5 Year Olds – Pam Silva & Mandy Jordan | Room E109


Bed Babies – Extended Session Workers | E101

16-24 Months – Extended Session Workers | E102

2 Year Olds - Extended Session Workers |E106

3-5 Years Old – Preschool Worship Workers | E112

Ron Leonard

Missions Pastor

Hi, my name is Ron! I'm the Missions Pastor here at Hernando Baptist Church.  I believe Life Groups are an integral part of who we are as a church.  My passion is for every church member to be actively involved in a Life Group. In Life Groups we connect with others, study God’s Word and apply His Word in ministry. Through Life Groups, people connect through fellowship, grow in love for Christ and others, and live out a life that leads others to Christ. If you have any questions about Life Groups or how you can serve in this ministry, I would love to talk with you further.  Just fill out the connect card below or call the church office at 662 - 429 - 6361.

Connect with Us.

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Life Groups




College & Career - Ron Leonard | Room E215

Coed 30s – Jamie Pourciaux | Room E216

Coed 40s – Mike Perkins | Room E210

Men Open – Bill Manning | Room E214

Coed 40-60 – Hank Jackson | Room E211/213

Ladies 55-75 – Jan Jackson | Room C125

Coed 65-85 – Gary Black | Room C120

Ladies 65+ - Maxine Craig | Room C126

Men 65+ - Manley Caldwell | Room C123

Open – Tommy Swindoll | Choir Room

Coed 25-40 – Ben McMinn | E211/213

Coed 25-40 – Paul Chrestman | Room E216

Coed 60-75 – Steadham/Weaver | Room C122

Ladies Open – Joyce Leonard | Room C127