jesus makes a difference.

The members of Hernando Baptist come from different places, different jobs, different families, and different life experiences.  However, one thing brings us together: Jesus Christ has made the difference in all of our lives.  Here are a collection of some of our stories about what's He's done.


Craig & claire

Claire "followed her heart" all the way to Australia, where a loving roommate had the courage to ask her a question that would completely change her and Craig's lives.  Who do you need to tell about Jesus today?



Erin spent part of the 2016 Summer with a group of missionaries in a country hostile to Christianity.  Hear her story of God bringing about the right circumstances at the right times for people to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Jana spent her whole life going to church and hearing about Jesus.  She knew all the stories and all the right things to say, but she was trusting things other than Jesus to save her.  One day, God showed her what she needed to see in order for her to go from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus.


Zach & Aaron

We aren't meant to live the Christian life all by ourselves.  That's why God gave us the local church!  Check out this story of how God showed Zach that he needed the influence of an older student in his life, and how he approached Aaron to disciple him.  Who should you be helping grow in your faith?  Who can you ask to help you grow?