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We are teachers, students, firefighters, engineers, band parents, and stay at home moms.  We span the generations, from our busy nursery to parents and grandparents. We aren’t even close to being perfect, but it’s our passion to make much of the God who loves us anyway.

The best way to learn about us (besides meeting us in person) is to learn about what we value.

Our mission is to lead all people to be transformed by Jesus Christ.  From our worship services to coffee shop conversations, we want to show every person how he or she can experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, teach them to grow in that relationship, and equip them to reach out to others. 

Explore how we do this throughout the site, or learn more about our mission.

We really believe that real joy and meaning in life is found in knowing God, and we want Hernando and the world to experience that joy. Because of Jesus, we can be a part of God's great Story of redemption.  Jesus makes a difference. It really is all about Him.

We are here to share and celebrate the greatest story ever.