by Mike McDonough, Pastor of Discipleship & Administration

It should be no surprise that text messaging is now the preferred method of communication for many teenagers and even adults.  Have you ever thought about how you might be able to use text messaging as a tool for growing in your walk with Christ?  

Here are four suggestions:

1.) Provide spiritual encouragement.

We all need encouragement! I can think of instances where the words “I am proud of you” or “I am praying for you today” gave me the spiritual encouragement I needed. But the one thing that made these encouragements eternally meaningful was that they encouraged me in my walk with Christ. For example, telling someone you are proud of them is great, but telling someone you are proud of them for bringing glory to Christ, parenting in a way that points to Christ, or simply showing the grace of Christ has eternal significance in that they display God’s heavenly kingdom here and now

So send a text and encourage someone, but make sure it has eternal significance. Share how you are praying for them, encourage them with Scripture, or let them know how they are living and growing in their walk with Christ.

2.) Ask for prayer.

Let’s face reality--we need all the help we can get to be the disciples God has called us to be. We all need help as we face the anxieties and difficulties of life. Who better to ask for help than God Himself? Who better to pray with you than your fellow disciples? Ask for help! Ask for prayer. It takes less than a minute to send and less than five minutes for someone to pray for you today. Take a minute and send a text right now asking for prayer from a trusted friend and fellow disciple.

3.) Admit temptation.

We all face temptations in life, whether it is pride, anger, jealousy, lust, laziness, or anything else Satan can throw our direction. What if you could reach out to someone as you feel the anger raging inside or laziness overtaking you? Not only can you pray to God, you can reach out to fellow disciples. God has given us the church for this very purpose. Send a text as you face temptation and you will have a God-given friend to pray and encourage you to be more like Christ.

4.) Maintain spiritual accountability.

Find a fellow disciple to help hold you accountable for daily spiritual practices that help you grow in your walk with Christ. Send them a text when you complete your daily Bible reading with how you are going to apply what you read that day. Send them a text when you share the Gospel with someone. Send a text after you have family worship or prayer with your spouse. The possibilities are endless! 

What do you already know you should be doing, and who can you text to hold you accountable in an encouraging but firm and disciplined way?