by Mike McDonough, Pastor of Spiritual Development

The Internet has become what seems to be an infinite source of information.  I have often found myself at the point of information overload!  Finding reliable and valuable resources is critical for research and information gathering.  Here are some resources that I have found helpful but may not show up in your Internet search:

1.) The Briefing – Albert Mohler

I like the briefing because Al Mohler is able to bring a Biblical perspective to the news of the day. Each briefing is about twenty minutes long. I often will have the briefing play in the background while working on my computer. The briefing is also available as a podcast. Recommended for every commuter!

2.) Chuck Lawless

I subscribe to receive emails from very few blogs, and is one of them.  He has a way of summarizing practical help into succinct lists.  Who doesn't like a good list? His posts also have a way of connecting with your heart.

3.) Danny Akin

Danny Akin has posted all of his notes from sermons, classes, and conferences online.  You can see his complete manuscripts and listen to most of his sermons.  His teaching notes for seminary level classes are online.  You have your own personal researcher available at

4.) World Magazine

World Magazine provides news articles for topics important for Christians and from a Christian worldview. is a great place to see some of the same news stories you find at or, and most of the content is free.  There is s $5 per month charge to access all content in every format they have available.  So far, I just consume their free content but may subscribe in the future.

5.) Probe Ministries

Probe ministries provides apologetic resources for Christians. When people ask me about dinosaurs, other religions, or cultural/political issues, I usually go to this resource.  They have great articles with footnotes for further study.  They also have a great "question and answer" section of their website.  You send in a question and they will post your question and their answer online.  Most of the time, someone has already asked your question.

What are some other online resources that you've found helpful?