by Angie Golmon, Hernando Baptist member

I continue to stand in awe of how God spared my grandsons and me in Oxford, Mississippi recently. That Graham (age 12) hurried at the last minute to get in the car with Will (age 9) and me was no minor action! His doing so prevented an accident! God had His eye on us.

We were headed for Will’s soccer game, and their mom and dad were in a car ahead of us. As we pulled out of their neighborhood onto Hwy 6, the newly reconstructed area was unfamiliar to me. As I crossed into the lane that would allow me to make a necessary left turn, the surroundings looked strange! Viewing the headlights from the oncoming traffic while trying to get my bearings, I was about to miss a red light when Graham yelled, “Stop, Grandmom. Stop! Stop!” I immediately put on the brakes. I was almost (but not quite) in the middle of the intersection with traffic coming from the right! Thank God, I stopped! With nothing behind me, I quickly eased back as my heart dropped! Wow! I had almost run a red light with my grandsons in the car!

Graham immediately responded, “Grandmom, what if I had not got in the car with you?” If he hadn’t, we would most certainly have had an accident! The point of impact would have been the front passenger side where Will was sitting! Only God knows what injuries my precious grandson might have sustained!

We waited until the green turn arrow appeared, then we made it safely through the intersection and got to the soccer field in time, all the while exclaiming how God had protected us. The boys commented, “Wow! Grandmom. What if I hadn’t got in the car with you and Will?!” “Wow! Grandmom. What if Graham hadn’t got in the car with us? I would have been hurt bad!”

A believer cannot experience deliverance from such a near-accident and not ask, “Father God, what do You want to teach me? What can I learn from this experience?"
As I have reflected on and thanked God for His protection that night, three principles stand out:

1.) God has His eye on His children! 

He has promised in Psalm 32:8 to instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. He knows where we are at all times. He’s concerned about our welfare and wants us to make the right decisions to avoid disaster—both physically and spiritually. Just as God is aware of who we are and where we are, He wants us to be aware of His Presence. He is not oblivious to us; neither should we be oblivious to Him.

2.) God is aware of what His children need even before the need arises. 

He causes all things to work for good for His people. Graham was convinced his getting in the car with me did not occur by chance. He initially planned to ride with his parents, but at the last minute, he knocked on the window, opened the back door, and jumped in the car with me. That was no accident! God knew we were headed for disaster, and in His mercy, He spared us. 

Sometimes He doesn’t deliver us—sometimes accidents happen. But even then we can be assured He is with us and can bring good out of a bad experience. 

3.) God has warning signs in place for us to know when to stop, slow down, and rethink what we are doing. 

Are we on the right road? In the right lane? Doing the right thing? Or have we decided to ignore the warning signs and keep going even though we are headed for disaster? God wants to keep us going in the right direction, but we have to be alert to His guidance. What if I had chosen to ignore Graham’s warning? 

With each of these three principles, the choice is ours. We can live in awareness of God’s presence and know He is watching over us, or we can be oblivious to it. We can live knowing He is aware of our needs even before they arise and trust Him, or we can take control and try to do things our own way. We can decide ahead of time to heed God’s warnings and surrender our wills to His, or we can ignore them and suffer the consequences.

Ah, Sovereign Lord, I daily stand amazed in awareness of Your presence, knowing You have Your eyes on me! You are my Keeper (Psalm 32:8-11; Psalm 121). Because You know what I need even before the need arises and You work all things for my good, I trust You with my life (Psalm 139:4; Romans 8:26-32).  I want to be obedient, heeding Your warning signs—living to please You according to Your Word (Psalm 119:9). In all things may my first response be obedience. No hesitation--just simple, instant obedience! 

These words are also my prayer for anyone who reads this account of how God protected my two grandsons and me that evening in Oxford, Mississippi.