As part of our new website experience, we are excited to begin this blog as an extension of the ministry of Hernando Baptist.  We realize that the internet is already filled with blogs, many of which you may subscribe to and read on a weekly basis.  It's not our intention to add to the noise or clog up your inbox; we simply want to help provide resources for you as you live out your faith in Christ day to day.

Here are three things you can expect from this blog:

1. Answers to your questions

We want to address the topics and questions that YOU have.  Have a question about something you're reading in the Bible, something going on in the world today, or any aspect of life at Hernando Baptist?  Let us know with the form at the bottom of each post and we'll do our best to give you some answers!

2. Regularly-scheduled posts (but not too many)

We aim to provide quality posts on a regular basis, written by your HBC staff and a guest author from time to time.  We'd love for you to subscribe to our blog and get notified every time we post something new.  We promise not to spam you, and we usually take a week break before we publish new content.

3. Content that makes much of Jesus

The writers we feature are not here to sound like experts or build themselves up.  On this platform, just as in every aspect of our lives, we want Jesus to shine as King.  He is the amazing, sovereign, all-wise One, and we seek to make much of Him every chance we get.

We hope you find the content here informative, motivational, challenging, even fun at times.  But it's our prayer most of all that you would "know Christ and Him crucified" (1 Corinthians 2:2).  In Him we have salvation, life, purpose, and joy.  For all the things you read on this site, don't miss that!


Questions?  Leave a comment below.  Do you have an idea/question for a future blog post?  Use the form below!